SS180 Up-Gear Problem

Hi Folks,

I have a 1965 SS180 with a Grimstead 200cc upgrade, Carb Up-jet and Sip Road Sport 2 Exhaust.

Have just had her set up on the dyno for safe running and been advised to up-gear to 23/65.

Have removed the 22/67 and replaced with all new 23/65 primaries, clutch gear 2-3mm shorter in height but free moving? cases back together and ready to go.

All gears select fine and ready to roll, engine started, clutch in and first selected with a big snatch?

Clutch is adjusted fine, all plate/corks good, all free moving and in superb condition?

The only thing different is the 2-3mm gap between clutch gear and locknut, could that be causing the snatching?

If so, would a spacer/washer remove the movement and stop the problem??


Hope you can help as I'm losing hair fast.


I'd say you need a shim/spacer between gear and nut, I'm not sure what happens when you don't but snatch certainly sounds like a symptom.  When I up geared my SS180 I had one made up, see following: