SS180 Forks

Hello all, I’m new on here. Glad to meet you all.

BUT… I’m really after some SS180 forks and front end (hub, backplate, mudguard, shocker and rim etc). I managed to lose mine some time ago somehow when shifting from garage to garage. Is there a For Sale / Wanted section on the site ?

OR … does anyone know where I can get some complete SS180 forks and front end from ?

I’ll post up some pics of my scoots when I get the chance, hope to hear from you soon.

Cheers, Paul
(Oxford Roadrunners SC, ENGLAND).

Welcome,have you tried e-bay or

Tried both, no luck so far. I was hoping one of the European lads / scooter clubs may have some info ( or some parts ) in the garage. It seems as though there are a lot of SS180’s on the continent. Don’t seem to be having too much luck.

Is there a For Sale / Wanted section to the site ?

Is there a section for Members Scooters to post up pics ?

Cheers, Paul (ORRSC).