SS180 clutch


I'm trying to repair my Vespa 180SS and I need a new complete clutch.

I've been through SIP's site and a few others and I get the feeling that the SS180 engine had a very specific clutch. Is this correct? Or another clutch from a similar machine (PK200, T5 or other) will fit with no problems?

What makes the 180SS engine so particular?

Thanks for all the light you can put on this subject.


Hello again,

Can anybody help me? Please.

I really want to know this, so I can do an informed choice of the right clutch.



Original SS parts are difficult to find, GS-160 clutch is suitable, too. I have some N.O.S-parts for such clutches, I can check...

where are you located at? as there is a shop in the usa that has one on there website