SS 180 oil mix ratio

Hi! I have an SS that I’m running in. At the moment, I’m using Castrol TTS mixed at 5%. I have heard that I can drop the ratio down to 4% as the quality of oil has improved since the sixties.

Do you think I should try it at 4% or stick to the standard ratio of 5%.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Sounds like a good argument… but is it worth it?? the enginge is probably more likely to have a seizure because of lack of oil than if u go with 5%… and u don’t want that to happen!

I have also heard something about old engines not being too happy about new and fancy synthetic oils as well. It does’nt have the right „texture“. It has something to do with the fact that the engines that were built 30 years ago don’t have the same presision as a new one… or something like that…

I am not sure of this…

Have a SS180 myself, riding on 5 %, goes fine!!!