Ss 180 (batt) electric plan


i am searching for a good(better) electric plan, to fix my new 12 v cdi verspatronic ignition.


Vespatype :  SS 180 ( with battery) 1964.


It can be send to my emailadres.

Thx in advance

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it´s complete !


I mounted it several time with this instruction.

What exactly is the question ?


Maybe i can help .....





It would be easier to make shure what problems exactly your friend had in the past. Maybe it ws a mounting fault.


I guess the best would be to trie to mount and then ask if there are some problems. Do you know a guy that is able to do some good electrical works ??


In your case it would be helpfull to have also the original wiring diagramm of the ss180 with battery.


Basically It´s not so easy to explain how to mount it ... sorry






Do you have an very good electric plan "original", vespa ss 180 (battery) ?




Hi Larocca,

if we have problems , i make a post here.

Maybe then we can specifiy the possible problem.

The one who  do the job, have enough experience i think . He is owner an repairs every day vespa's.

But one question. Now , my battery (6v) is empty and broken . The motor  doesn't  start.

If i put the battery on a 6 v transfo, he starts .... whitout power , the ss will never starts.....

I hope that the engine starts when my battery (12v) is empty after build in the vespatronic .

Can you give me a answer about that ?



ps, sorry for my poor englisch.... :)

Ok [:D]


now we got it ....


Good luck for the ignition dude !!

Hi dude,

sorry for the delay !


I read you resolved with the ignition ?

Did you connencted the cabels to te tension controller as shown in the picture of the cdi ignition instruction ?




i do have a question.

Is it necessary that the yellow/white   (verspatronic)is connected to the Regulator Pin 3 , and also to the origine yello wire ,(see Plan ss180 battery)  yellow 2 contactpoint.

And the red/white (verspatronic) to the Regulator4 and also connect to white wire ss?


If i have the answere , i will be happy. Thx in advance.



Send me an personal email, i will send you my plan .

Do not connect yellow and purple  wire in the contact.  It will destroy the cdi.


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Hey dude


please check this link


there you can find a downloadable mounting instruction (Click on the disk symbol to download).






i am not the installer, a friend will fix it for me.

Somebody i know with a ss 180( no battery ) told me that he have a lot of problems, 

and that the manual is not very complete.

I don't know but he say, ask  sip for a better electr plan.

My ss is one with battery,  i hope it wil work .




Hello la rocca,

Thx, i have already this one,

my friend told me that it is not completly.

Anyone ?



Solved, ignition is placed, never connect purper and yellow into contact by a vespa ss battery. In my case , it  destroy the cdi

<it puts DC on my cdi......

Hi dude


I don´t understand exactly what scoot do you got , basically a SS180 don t have a electric starter, why do you´re talking about that your engine does not start with a broken battery ??


The battery is only for the clacson, the parking light and the brakelight.



PS: check for a wiring diagramm !!




The vespa is with kick , and he doesn't start without power of battery, no 6 v, not possible to start .

Absolutly .

Hello La Rocca

here is my plan for the inplant vespatronic , my vespa is SS180 with Battery.

Is this ok or not ?