Squish and compression ratio

whats the ideal compression for a malossi 172 and how much should the timing be retarded.
and whats the best way to check the squish clearance

cheers mate


it seams your is not a succesful question! Me too was passing to somebody else but now after 0 answer we can’t leave you without support.

1- As far as the compression I will stay with the standard C.R.
If you really want to change it you should know what you are doing and what you want to get from your engine.

2- Timing is 14. (± 1)

3- The clearence shold be never less then 1mm. You can measure with thick multicore solder. It is a simple way. But it works.

You twist a multicore solder bend it and insert in the spark plug hole. Make the piston move up to T.D.C, then take the multicore out and mesure where it has been squished. If you don’t want to break your engine should be no less then 1mm.