Sprint/rally fork from SIP that is not round enough

A couple of months ago I bought a sprint/rally fork from SIP because my old one was bent useless.

Ever since i put it on my scooter I have suspected the front hub not to be properly round. When I apply the front brakes they lug and the whole front of the scooter bumps up and down. This is quite uncomfortable and I can’t really imagine that it is supposed to be like that.

I have been hopeing this problem was something that would disappear after a couple of hundre kms as the brake shoes get worn in, but it is still there now after 2500 kms.

Has anyone else had this problem, and does SIP do anything about it? I’ve previously had the option of returning other things I have ordered because they where malfunctioning, but what should I do about this? Returning the whole fork would mean a lot of work dismantling it from my scooter and it would leave my scooter useless for the last precious weeks of the scooter season.

All I need is a new hub, i guess… And I think SIP should give me one for free… What do you guys think?


bent stub axle ???

I pulled the fork apart to try and figure out what was wrong with it.

It appears that this fork I bougth from SIP is really bad. First of all the hub was oval. Second: The bearings seemed bad because there is quite a bit of play in them. And last but not least: the the axle seems slightly bent.

I payed 40 € to have the hub rounded off again and a new axle is ordered.

And SIP does not answer my emails. I really think this is something that they should compensate. The way the fork was when I recieved it could have been deadly.

Anyone from SIP care to comment on this?