Sprint clutch problems

I have a question for the panel: This problem is driving me crazy… I have severe clutch drag and the lever is very hard to pull in. I have replaced the complete clutch, the clutch cover (including the actuating lever), a new SIP bearing type plunger and the complete cable but still the problem remains. The actuating lever (on the cover) needs to be adjusted right up to get it to work at all. I have a normal thin thrust washer. Could this problem be fixed by putting in a thicker one, pushing the clutch out a bit? What else could be wrong? Any ideas will be appreciated. I`ll buy you a virtual [:drink:] !!

Hello Deek,

the clutch youve bought is not so high than the stock on, so you have to use the washer (between the bearing and the clutch) from the P-range engine. Ive had the same problem years ago and I`m sure that this will solve your problem!

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Hey- I know this post might be ancient history but I had the exact same problem with my VBB. The lever wouldnt pull in and I had to force it into gear rather than it wanting to slip out because its new… etc. I took out my clutch looking for a problem and couldnt find anything. But I noticed that one of the springs didnt fit right in its reciever, it was ever so slightly crooked. I straightened it out when I rebuilt it and after installing, I VBB ran awesome. so, check your springs!

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I`m still struggling with this problem but have learnt the following since my original post:

Yes I did need the 3mm thrust washer because the new clutch wasnt as high. This made things better but then it still didnt work properly. Its actually a SIP 4 plate re-inforced clutch which has been getting quite a bit of bad press. It seems that it very hard to get them working actually right (Doesnt dis-engage properly). Maybe someone from SIP could defend this product…anyway I`ve taken it out again and am now soaking the plates as I was in a bit of a hurry the first time round and only gave them a light smear.

Im pretty sure all the springs were seated properly as I always check this. Im giving it one more chance and if it doesnt behave then Im going to ditch it and go back to 3 plates


Great, I`ll give that a shot and let you know how I do.

Thanks[:D] [:D]