Sportique forks

hello does any one no how to convert these forks from 8 inch to 10 inch and still use the original mud guard or which forks i could use cheers danger p.s does any one no why my cosa 200 disc brakes lock on at the same time example put back brake on and front brake locks on as well cheers again danger


we have tried to convert a VBB (very similar to your sportique) from 8" to 10" with the complete „swing arm“ from a Vespa Sprint/GTR,etc.! This will fit, but if you want to use the front brake the tyre will touch the fender, last weekend.

The best will be if you could find the complete fork from a german Vespa 150 T4. This frame is same like yours, but the scooter will come with 10" wheels and the T4-fender is looking very smooth!

This will be the easiest way in my eyes!

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You can use any fork from the old (pre P range) 10" vespas eg Sprint or Sprint V., Rally, GT®, TS. GL would also work but has a diff speedo drive from the others. You could also use a Bajaj fork if you can`t find an old Vespa one. Join the two just above the mudguard side mount. Mudguard should go on no probs.

Just to clarify… I was suggesting that you weld the top part of the Sportique fork to the bottom part of a 10" fork. I`ve seen this done many times and although it sounds dodgy it works well. Make sure you take it to a decent engineer though and get them to sleeve it or re-inforce the join somehow.


hello danger here thanks again to everyone who replyed to my topic on sportique forks you have all been very helpfull. cheers and keep on scootering . danger

brummum thanks for the reply you say i need 10 inch fork but which forks do i need to use cheers danger

You need the hub and „the parts holding the brakes“ (dont know the name in english) from a GTR. Thats all.
No need to change the fork.

thanks to everybody who gave me a reply you have been a great help if you have any more advise for me it would very much appreciated thanks again Danger


the problem with the Sprint or PX fork is, that the fork is to long between the two steering bearings! The PX-fork will fit to the Sprint, Rally, etc. because the frame of the Rally-range is about 2cm higher than the frame of the Sportiques!

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You need the fork from a 10" scooter.