Spluttering 210 malossi

My brother has px with 210 malossi kit ported caseings with standard 24mm carb scorpion pipe it will start ok and idle as soon as you pull away andget out of 1st gear and go through the gears it splutters.The carb jets are
160 air
have tryed 130 main jet that came with kit 128, 125, 122, with no sucsses. Also tryed mixture screw at different settings .So i then put a t5 carb on with the 160 air be3 and 125 main runns ok the then tryed a new px200 carb still same spluttering problem seams to rich please help thanks

Ps tryed timing at 18 and also fully retarded still no luck

High try p2 carb back on with BE4 and drill 6mm hole above the air corrector and 3mm above slow running jet (in the filter)
130 to 132 main jet usually. Scorpian pipe is not best suited to this set up because its too revy(all though its not peaky as such). You need a torquey pipe for this set up.