Spice up a Primavera?!

Hey folks,
With my regular ride being a Rally 200, I have no clue about smallframes engines and parts. Anyway, I’m currently restoring/building up a '79 Primavera, and I want it to have more power than just plain standard. What can you guys recommend?
Cylinders, crankshafts, carbs, ect…

I’m not looking for a speed demon, but a decent street racer with enough power to get around…

Cheers / Banditten

If you take the polini130 route, which will be kinder to your wallet, then th standard 2.54 primary will meet your needs as the upgear 2.56 primary isn’t totally essential. You’ll not lose that 3rd to 4th jump in the gear ratios though, unless you opt for a zirri short 4th.

Carb choice for me would be 25phbl rubber mounted malossi reed kit.[:drink:]

I have put together my smallframe as follows, Polini 130 cylinder kit, Polini/dell’orto 24mm carb kit, Polini exhaust, Adidge comp clutch, Mazzuchelli crank, ET3 electronic ignition and a primary gear upgrade, also 3.50" tyres and Sebac shocks, goes very fast and reliable, the pearl white paint and full Polini sticker kit and corsa seat is a real head turner as well.

I have done as follows to my primmy and it is both reliable and goes like a rocket!!

Electronic conversion essential
Fabrizi 145 kit (intakes bored out 5mm)
Mazucceli Race crank
Polini 20mm carb with reed valve
Polini exhaust. Fabrizi downpipe outlet too wide though so i welded a Guilera manifold on the Polini top end.

Hope it is helpful


I would also go for the Polini 130 that is reliable and quite powerful.
carb 24-25, mazzucchelli race crank, gearing you can stay with standard primavera one, exhaust original or Sito banana. If you get an expansion exhaust then you have to mount a short 4th if not trouble will start from 3 to 4. >But with this kind of basic tuning I would suggest to stay away from expansion exhausts.