Speedometers kph mph and MOT


Im thinking about buying a vespa T5 mk1 in Europe and shipping it to the UK. The speedo is marked in kilometers per hour rather than MPH. Does this need changing for an MOT in UK? Do I need to swap the whole speedo unit for a UK one or can the speedo faceplate be swapped, marked or modified?

Cheers. Ed.[:drink:] [:rolleyes:]

i’ve just bought a brand new p200 and thats in kph! it has got mph in smaller numbers but i dont think it matters.should pass the test ok!

I believe the PX MY speedo’s have mph in all countries, however, the odometer is calibrated in km for the euro machines and miles in the uk. I think the new MY speedo’s look really nice, wouldnt mind getting one but I have a more pressing use for my money at the mo.

Thats how they come now, however, the euro machines do not have the small mph letters. I think all Vespa speedo’s are in mph as an after thought.

i can defo tell you that in a car for mot if it is an import with klms it must also show mph as well,it so happens i mght have a mph speedo face with needle type rev counter lyin somewhere,you can have foc if ya want,let uz no[:D]

You can buy a grey import bike at a dealer with kph, so I dont thinks its a problem, however, the lack of a speedo maybe.

You can take the speedo apart with a little bodging, but its not designed to be taken apart. The grey import bikes, like the ninja, just have a clear sticker on top of the lens with the mph markers.

The guy next door had a Jailing (Honda Clone) grey import, and that had only kph on the speedo and went through the MOT every time with no problems.