Spawn of the messiah (the BEERACE birth child)

just thought I’d write to let you all know about the best few quid I’ve spent in a long time… I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago asking about a couple of second hand pipes I’d been offered, and BEERACE offered me an expansion that he’d made… cut a long story short: I brought it… it ferkin shifts ;D… realy impressed with it, it goes like stink, and sounds really nice too. the frount wheel is hovering most of the time, and he considerately put BS number on it so my MOT dude won’t mind it [:)] top bloke as well BEERACE, he kindly modified my pipe abit to help it fit my frame more tidily (l/f engine in s/f)! even supplied me with coffee and fags whilste I waited… any way if anyone gets a chance to own one of his pipes by it. there’s even a rumor that the messiah maybe able to produce one off pipes specifically for your engine, your exhaust port duration, just for you for an incredibly reasonable price, in fact less than the cost of an ‚off the peg‘ exspansion… just a rumor mind [;)]

probably said to much already [:(] basically BEERACE is real nice guy who knows his shit who won’t rip you off and will supply you with a high end product that works!!!

blagh blagh blagh… surely I deserve a freebee BEERACE? [;)]

BBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM!!! goes my scooter (the sound of a happy man) [:D]

`I suppose Im gonna have to have Ozzy’s babies now! Im due an op in june, with a long recovery period. After which I will be making expansions to suit an individuals riding style and their motors. Everything is in place, all items are ready to order, and Ive got help from one of, if not the, best mass market tuners. Each pipe is gonna be hand made as ordered, and hopefully in short time turnaround. Those who have followed my replies will know Im in the southwest, but I will cater for everyone. I will cover tuning, expansions and modifications. Just finished a very nice T5 210 for a local lad, a ground up build thatll be at Newquay this w/e. Rapid. Stubbsy, and anyone who cares to can email thru the profile, but mention BEERACE or itll get deleted before I open it. Roll on the future, and look forward to your comments.

hand shandys as well by the sounds of it ozzy.feck me ace you must have given him the full monty.see boys told ya the old beerace was the bollox

well beerace whats the story? u aint the mickek man r ya? may be interested as me scorpion is givin me jipp!!!

sorry about the rambling post… one to many shandys [;)] [:drink:]