Hello mates, just come back from an island 35 meters square, in the middle of the pacific, with a question.

I read almost one time a week as I am very busy for the moment and it seems to be quite calm over here, isn’t it?

What type of sparkplug will fit this setup?

P200E engine, Malossi kit (but not the from last generation ), Dell’orto PHBH30 carb with a 120 jet (is it ok?), Malossi reed valves, HP4 flywheel and some kind of SIP Performance exhaust no porting

hello Mikkke,

hope you are doing well.

Spark= NGK B9ES, Bosch W3CC, Denso W27ES-U.

The main jet seams small. If all the works to the enginecasing are done I would start from 125-128 to 135.
If I remember well. It has been a moment I am not been working with PHBH30.

Thanks a lot, M**. And what about you have you recover completely? How do you fell?

Talking about Vespa’s, the porting has not be done,what kind of carb do you use right now? What would be your top of the top setup for a Px200 engine?