Hi all, can someone clear up a question of which plug to use for best performance on a standard P2 with scorpion pipe and what are the pitfalls of using the wrong one ie; hotter or colder plugs, I’ve put a 122 jet in to compensate for the pipe and a B8ES plug against the standard 116 jet and B6ES. Cheers in advance.


Plug seems the right one to me i have the same setup and got a 118 jet with the exhaust but Had to drop down to a 117 and now runs alot better.
But 117’s arent that easy to get.
I got mine from Selamoto…lol

try a 120 jet and swing the timing round a bit for a cooler run.a b7 plug should be ok for all running about both local and touring

michael a 122 sounds way too big. i would use a 118 main and a b8 plug. is it a standard p2 motor?

The scoot is used for all riding, from round the doors to rallying on the motorways(should pass my test really. I have noticed the bike takes a wee bit longer to warm up with the B8 as opposed to the champion whatever it was(cant find it at mo) but the 122 jet does nothing for top end at all.I did try a T5 air filter on with this set up but it pinked like hell from 3/4 to full throttle so changed straight back to P2. I will probably downjet again to 120-118 to see any difference.
Selamoto ?? pulling the piss methinks Nige! Did you sell your reg by the way? I’ve got S666 TER (SCOOTER) on paper but not registered yet, with the luck I had with the last scoot I’m a bit dubious about putting it on the new P2, may sell it to any devil worshiping scooterists lol.

Only drawback of using a colder plug is poor performance untill the thing warms up, sometimes misfires. Cold plugs tend to die quickly if you only use the scoot around town and never really get up to normal operating temprature. On the other hand if you are riding around town and some dual carriageways then the B8 is the one to use. If you are a motorway cruiser use the B9ES.