Spark plugs for vespa px200e arcobaleno!

Hello to all vespa fans!

The discussion is about what spark plug do you believe this vespa should wear.....

The manual say...,let's say NGK b7es,Bosch w225t2,champion n4.

some friends suggested NGK b8es for winter spring and b9es for summer.


What do you think?

Thanx a lot


Well the summer is hot enough but you never know...probably I ll change it with an 8 and may have a 9 in case of a really warm weather. Thanx anyway!

I am running a NGK B8ES and I'm in Jakarta so wheather is warm all the time and reasonably humid. From what I have read and my own experience this seems to be a good all scenario plug. I doubt you need to go to a 9 unless it's super hot and you are really working the motor hard.