Sound level ?

Hello !

I have read on this board that Simonini is a LOUD exhaust…
I have a Leovince now on my P150X.
Is it a big difference between those two ?
Because i think (or my neibour thinks ;D )the Leovince is hitting
the upper sound limit.
And yes Curare told me to use a Simonini exhaust in the first
place…well now i thinking of giving it a go, if it isnt to loud.

My setup:

Polini 177cc
Dellorto 28mm 110 main
Matched and ported engine halfes

\Patrik L

Hi !

I can not give you an answer because i am breaking this kit in
for the moment. So i havent run this setup „flatout“ yet.[:look:]



I might go for a simonin myself as I use sito plus at the moment. I am curious what top speed you get at the moment with your setup?