Someone cut my front brake much to replace etc?

Hi All,

Someone tried to nick my scooter…px125 disc and they messed up my glovebox and cut the disc brake cable.

Do you guys think I will be able to buy another Glovebox in Platinum silver and how much does a disc brake cable cost and is this too hard a job for me to do myself.

Thanks for any replies

You’d be better off going to a dealer/scooterist. You will need to buy a stock toolbox and have it colour matched to your scoot, not sure about the brake jobby though it will need replacing and bleeding and probably topping up with fluid(keep well away from bodywork) let someone with the knowledge sort the whole thing for you.

Thanks Guys for your indepth information,

I shall update you on my progress.



Replacing the glovebox is easy, just buy one and bolt on. getting the colour match is more difficult and should be left to a pro.

The brake hose is not too bad to do, as it was only cut I assume that you will have the banjo and top tube. Just unbolt them from the caliper and reservoir and they should pull out. Take them to a hydraulic engineer (Ask in your local motorcycle shop) and they will repair it for quite cheap. Mine was £15. Piaggio want £70, VE want £40…see why I went that way!

Take off your horncover and headset and thread the hose back through, tighten both ends back on.(Make sure the spanner is a good fit).

Undo the bleed nipple (hee hee) and attach some transparent tube. Open the top of the reservoir and fill with DOT4 (I use DOT5), start slowly pumping the brake and keep topping up until the transparent tube shows no bubbles. Tighten up and screw things back on, your done!

(you don’t get much suck back so don’t need to bury your transparent tube…at least I did not).

After a bit of use you need to bleed off again as a precaution.

As Michael said…watch the paint!