Snapped exhaust bolt. any ideas?

ive just tried to take off the old exhaust on my T5 and the large bolt that holds it to the swing arm has snapped just below the head.
now this leaves the exhaust still in place with the bolt still screwed in seized solid, with no normal method of removing the bolt available.
anyone else had this problem and how did you overcome it?
the only way i can see is drilling the bolt away, but i dont want to damage the swing arm.
i dont care about the exhaust, its for the bin anyway. but need to remove it…

any ideas???

Yup happened to me (T5 too)…the day before Holiday in Holland last year :frowning:

You can try: Soaking it in a releasing chemical agent combined with slotting any exposed remains of the bolt with a dremmel tool to create a screw head (for your meatiest screw driver) and apply heat…in other words try and screw it out…not much can go wrong trying this (except you fail)…you will need the bolt not to be snapped within the swing arm tho.

Two other alternatives: up to you to select:

There is a tool called an ‚easyout‘ or other brand name. It’s a screw/bolt extractor and is basically a self tapping bit with a left hand thread in hardened steel…again use with chemical and heat.
Be careful tho they ‚can‘’ snap of in the bolt leaving you in a worse situation coz they are hardened.

Drilling out method …use a bit that is as near to the bolt diameter as poss…so it colapses as you drill

You are supposed to loosen the exhaust bolt regularly (couple o times a year) and lube it to prevent this happening.

Obviously all the above methods are gonna be much easier with the engine out
I’ve gotta do mine this weekend too if it’s any consolation (sheared case thread on one of the cylinder studs)

yeh i do loosen them and keep them lubed.
unfortunately the guy who i just bought this scoot off obviously didnt… [:(]

i am reluctant to try the bolt remover as you said if it snapped them im double F%u%ked…

today ive managed to hack away the exhaust rear plate so i can access the bolt. ill have to try and put a groove in it…
ive also cut off the manifold of the pipe so i can not worry about that. at least the engine threads are ok…


after many hours of heating, hitting, sawing and sweating i finally got it out and fitted my new exhaust…

thanks for the advice andy.