Smashed reed petals

Hi all,

Can anyone help ? I am destroying reed petals every couple of hundred miles !!! any ideas why ?

My set up is as follows:-

PX 200 casings ported and matched

210 Malossi kit

Long stroke serie pro crank

JL right hand pipe

Malossi reed block

30mm Dellorto PHBH

16 spring Cosa banded clutch with 5 plates


This engine has not been super tuned it made 24 hp on the dyno and we up jetted a bit and dropped it to 22hp to be on the safe side but like i said I am destroying petals all the time !!!

Please does anyone have any suggestions as to why this could be happening ?

I have tried with and without a stuffer in the reed block I have also tried raising the block up from the casing ( a 6mm plate ) but still nothing has helped,


Any ideas ???





Which reeds are you using?

Also, are you using the standard manifold or a SIP/Worb one?

Two of my bikes are using Malossi reed blocks, one carbon-fiber reeds, and one the standard ones which came with the block (a long time ago) and I've never had any issues.

post this message better in the english section, an may you will have an answer...


good luck