Smashed reed petals

Hi all,

Can anyone help ? I am destroying reed petals every couple of hundred miles !!! any ideas why ?

My set up is as follows:-

PX 200 casings ported and matched

210 Malossi kit

Long stroke serie pro crank

JL right hand pipe

Malossi reed block

30mm Dellorto PHBH

16 spring Cosa banded clutch with 5 plates


This engine has not been super tuned it made 24 hp on the dyno and we up jetted a bit and dropped it to 22hp to be on the safe side but like i said I am destroying petals all the time !!!

Please does anyone have any suggestions as to why this could be happening ?

I have tried with and without a stuffer in the reed block I have also tried raising the block up from the casing ( a 6mm plate ) but still nothing has helped,


Any ideas ???





Shitty electrics?

Shitty electrics?

 Thanks, 2 words 3 syllables, don't get  carried away will you !!! 

How about some more info .