Smallframe success

After what seemed an age of muckin with needles atomisers main jets, various exhausts and obviously copious dremmel usage, I am pleased to say the polini et3 can easily playout with the P2’ boys now and wait for them to catch up on the twisty bits aswell

what is the spec of your scoot then and if using a 25mm carb what jets etc are you using?
paul D[:D]

Ok setup is as follows (sorry about delay in response)

Polini 130 (ported casings to the max)

PHBL25 264 atomiser, D22 needle(2nd clip) 95 main jet, 50 idle jet. 16 degrees timing - running TTS fully synthetic

Did have simonini d&f chamber and this was a big mistake. Now reverted to a cheap as chips leovinci (POLINI COPY) chamber and it well flies. Put the engine together with keyhole surgery type acurracy (correct torque settings, correct shims etc etc).

Polini Road going scoots need a chamber with adequate back pressure.

Happy days

I know,

I love it too.
You can make the little thing flying.

Once, long time ago (20 years ago) I had a Polini 130 with 24 phbh open crankshaft ported cases and was fast, reliable, I could stay gas open for long long time and no sizing, for me was up to now the perfect kit.

One of these days I will do it again…