Smallframe rear brake modification

I am rebuilding my friend's smallie. Just a seal job, but while the engine was out and we were fussing with a few items I started thinking about the similarities of the rear brake set up to a P and wondered if there was a conversion to use the T5 brake cable. SIP makes this conversion for the P, if you don't know what I'm talking about check it out.

I love this kit. I've put it on several P's and its the best mod for 25 bucks! Anyway, the big difference in the smallframe is the rear brake lever in the hub. There was nothing I could find for the smallframe so I ordered the kit and a SIP made smallie lever. I measured, cut, and welded. Sorry for the lack of pics but I got it all installed last night. Looks great, works perfectly. No more struggling to get the tension on the cable right. 


I used this brake arm:


For some reason I cannot figure out how to post pic's so see this link for pic's of the mod.

try this one.. it might work

can i apply this to a 50 Special.. i've got a Pinasco 102 on it and the braking it's a disaster [:)] How can i get a better brake performance rear and front?