Smallframe polini 130 carb

Putting polini 130 kit on small frame, with 25 carb and I want to keep the carb on the inside of the frame.


can I use the airbox from the existing 19 carb?

What other airfilter options do I have?

Do I still need the carb bellows?



Do you think that one will fit on the inside of the frame?

Would rather run it with some kind of filter, even if it is just the bellow to keep some crap out.



Opinions on this…


for use on the inside of the primmy frame with polini 130 kit and 25 PHBL carb?

Any better suggestions?



check M043296K for the phbl25. Runs nearly as well as open mouth carb (slightly richer, so come down 2 jet sizes over the open carb equivelant)

the 25 phbl malossi manifold is a tight squeeze on the lower section of the hole that the bellows normally sit in. You could trim back a little of the metal at the area of concern. I find running the carb outside the frame a lot less hassle to muck about with jets, needles, atomisers etc .

try a trial fitment though as you may have no problems (as you know things get cast differently on different days )

Bellows may be a tight squeeze for new manifold, but its not a prob as surprisingly not much crap goes into the carb hole once the bellows are removed. You cant use the existing airbox but theres a lot of choice for better filters to be used such as malossi E30 or polini do some good ones too. I’d run it with no filter though, especially as it is running inside the frame (just my personal preference).