Smallframe Performance

Question for anybody who wants to help me out. I’ve got a '74 Vespa 90 that came kitted with a 133 Malossi, 12V ignition, Leo Vinci exhaust, and a 19mm Del Orto. It is pretty fast, like 60 mph or so, but I want faster. I’ve added bitubo shocks front and back and Michelin si4 tires, but I’m new to the scene and wondering about: crankshaft, flywheel, carb, and exhaust. Any advice would be appreciated!!



If you want a bit more speed then a 24 mm dellorto carb a P.M.tuning exhaust & a racing crank should see you right. If poss upgrade clutch / springs , & bearings:[:rolleyes:]

do you happen to have the elctrical diagrams for your 12volt system. Can i please have a copy of it??? I would like to upgrade my smallframe to a 12volt.

thanks in advance

I don’t have a good diagram, sorry. Even if I did, the electrical on this scoot currently sux. [?[]
I’m in the process of getting it sorted out, I hope, and if I get it worked out, I’ll let you know. . .