Smallframe help!

has anyone got any experience of a Primavera with a PK engine???




It’s an early 2 stud engine if that helps…



Yeah, my mate / engineer has said he can weld a longer bracket on, 10 minute job, just wondering if it will clear the panels when he has done that.

Trouble is if he welds it and it still doesn’t fit, I can’t send the exhaust back, and no one will want to buy it, pretty much ruins it…



You can get away without the pk loom as well but it helps.

mmm good question I dont know the answer to. Just know I have had this problem but it was a little while ago. Sometime things like this will come with two brackets ie one for pk ,one for pv you just bin the one you dont use. Is there no way to modify the one you have?

Offer it up as best you can to check the clearance on the frame,if it’ll fit then modify it.If not get a PK one.

that’s what I thought, got prim with PK engine (off Avenger) as far as I am led to believe there is no difference in the exterior size shape etc of the engines.


I’m having a spot of trouble with the exhaust. I got a Leo Vince „performance“ from Turners. They do 2, a PK and a PV one.

I got a PV one as I was under the impression that the engines were the same other than 12v etc… and I would need it to fit the body of the PV

The slot on the exhaust that fits onto the swingarm is about 1 & 1/2 to 2 inches out. I’m guessing that even if I extend the slot it will not fit under the panels as it is 2 inches further out than it should be.

Are there any physical differences in the engine, will a PK performance fit?

Should do mate theres not much room on a pk either.

The bike engine loom etc are all fine, it’s just this exhaust.

Looking on the SIP site there are Zirri, etc pipes that will fit PK and PV / ET3 etc, 1 pipe for all bikes.

How do they fit both, but others not???

What sort of differences are there between these PK and PV pipes?

Ive had this problem before. There are differences between PK and old small frame exhausts. You need a pk exhaust for the pk engine.

Straight bolt in job but you’ll need a PK loom.

What do you want to know beyond that?