Smallframe Gear shifting - Smallframe owners please help

Hello to everyone


do you all think that shifting gears in a smallframe is a hard thing to do or there is a trick that I can do to easy the pain?


I have a V50s oversized to 102 and has 4 disks in the clutch.

It is almost impossible to dissengage 1st gear at a full stop and in general shifting is very hard.

It needs extra effort to shift 1st also when starting the vespa.



Cables are OK and well lublricated.


Should I live with it, or I can do something?



double check youve done clutch cable up sounds like clutch not engaging due to slack in cable

Hi Mate,


I had the same problem with my 50 special. i change the 4 disc clutch from malossi to a standard tuning clutch with 3 discs. it works perfect.

Thank you Andi.


I switched to 3disk and it now is like a feather.


This advice was vey good.