Smallframe forks

hi all
has anyone else had any probs fitting bearings to new smallframe forks?

I had some professionally pressed in but then the roller bearings wouldn’t move - the mechanic thinks the pivot diameter on the forks was too small - causing the bearings to compress.

i’ve sent them back to sip but they blame me for not fitting them properly!

i’ve asked them to fit some new bearings (as I’m sure they won’t go in) but this whole process has taken months so far.

Does anyone get a decent service from sip? I’ve spent £1000’s with them (prices and delivery are always good) but when something goes wrong…

I’ve done this job once and it was a bit of a swine. I froze the bearing, heated the forks up to as safe a high temp as possible and they tapped in ok. maybe my way was wrong, but i didn’t fancy a press being used on the flimsy roller bearing cage.

I’ve now switched to pkxl forks and disc setup and would never switch back again .