Smallframe engine cases - SIP starts new production!

Many of you will have made the sad discovery that original engine cases for smallframe Vespas (i.e.: V50, Pk, Et3 & Co.) are out of production. But we want you on the road... now and in 20 years. So we decided to initiate the production of a new and improved version of smallframe engine cases. A mighty project indeed. Based on a pk engine case, the new version is supposed to be used with PK components. The transfer ports are larger than original on the front and the rear of the reinforced engine case. More material and additional reinforcement struts offer ideal stability and leave it to you how big you want to go. The base sealing surface is bigger than original. Perfect for tuned engines. There's also more material around the inlet. (Suitable manifolds for several combination options are seperately available). The cable guide was revised on the flywheel side, additional reinforcement and the lower screw connection support the use of big/decentered crankshafts. Inlet timing matches the original PK125 ETS rotary valve and works well with 50cc models, too. The rotary valve sealing surface is bigger and offers all options for further adaptation. The gear axle is held by a bush bearing. The bearing seat of the primary has a Ø 57,5mm and enables the use of all primary transmissions/repair kits.
The suspension arm is designed for 3.00 and 3.50x10 tyres. The rubber engine mounting bushes are premounted (although not visible in the design below). The PK engine case has a Ø 47mm bearing seat and a lubrication slot pointing upward. The ETS engine case has Ø 38mm and a lubrication spiral on the side. The ETS engine case is designed for ETS crankshafts with 25mm bearing seat. Both engine cases can be used for all smallframe models.
First step: CAD drawings and renderings. We are trying to provide as many reference points as possible to ensure the quality and dimensional accuracy of the design. Here's a preview:




As of last week we can announce significant new developments: We received the CAD drawings of the moulds and the manufacturer ordered the material. We already payed some tens of thousands of Euros in advance and are really excited how things will go on from here... if all goes well, the engine cases will arrive here in summer.




Very happy to hear this!!!

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