Smallframe electrical

Hi Ive put an inline regulater on the main feed to the main lights and this seems to have stopped the bulbs popping,however the brake light has a mind of its own. Can i place a small inline regulater on this circuit from the stator.Can anyone tell me why the output is fluctuating so much.

 I have converted the stater and flyweel to a pk 12v system.

The bulbs have been changed to 12 volts, but they still blow. The problem is that the stator is pushing out to much juice. So thats the reason for me thinking about putting a regulater in-line.

there’s no need just change all your bulbs for 12v bulbs and you should be set!

Can the aforementioned PK set-up be installed on a VBB to give it 12v lights ?

maybe try running all your lights from a regulator from a pk??

as far as i know on a vbb(largeframe?) you need a px setup