Smallframe disc conversion

just wanting to know if any body has done a smallframe disc conversion and what shock they used, ive got they pk 125 forks and the disc set up but from memory seem to remember they 2 bottom shock bolts being closer together on a pk than on a px but they disc setup I have is they same as a px [:drink:] [:drink:]

cheers i just wasnt sure about holes lining up ive got a 98 disc brake but it is for a 16mm spindle and fits the forks so just got to sort out the shock.

if you could measure the distance between bolts that would be great cheers

eye to eye centre is approx 3.5 cm. i say approx cos with the btubo in place and the disc fully setup there is bugger allspace for a tape measure to get a precise reading. 16mm spindle is correct.

Top Tip : don’t spray the front mudguard before a dry build cos theres a fair bit of cutting filing and drilling to be done to get a spot on fit ( if you don’t then loads of smart arses will tell you the mudguards offline )

the pk bitubo is totally brilliant and performs unbelieveably "well worth the money and looks really trick withe disc set up

it is an easy conversion , just mudguard and steering lock apeture and there in. Forks are longer so a different speedo inner and outer are required. I used a 150 super speedo and associated cable.

my smallframe runs a front disc and I have pk bitubo shocky. If you want i can measure the bolts distance. Doesn’t gimeca disc setup use a 16mm axle setup like early px’s. My setup needed the disc pad housing shimming up at first as the disc rubbed like mad. If you are doing it in a primmy as I did, you’ll ned to redrill the steering lock recess in the forks and cut a bit of meat off your mud guard to get a spot on fit

Just drop PK forks into your small frame, suspension problem solved, and I think they use EFL spindles? Never messed about with one, but it shouldn’t be too hard to modify?

is that Effbee as in F.B as in Nick