Smallframe cable retaining bracket

I'm currently restoring a vespa 100 sport and i need the plastic retaining bracket in the headset for the cables. I've looked every where for this part but can't find do's anyone know where i can purchase one? I'm also looking for the rear badge (100 Sport )

Thanks in advance

Still not sure how to post pics click on my profile and you can see pics in my gallery

Its a 1981 100 Sport not sure how to post pics

hi ...

you talking about a 100 sport ?!??!?!


wow ... very rare !!!

i think it s an et3 and rally mix handlebar ...

can you post a picture of this part that you need ??

is it the part under the speedometer where you put in your cables ?



Yes a 100 Sport and yes the white plastic part under the speedometer  where you put in your cables. Know where i can get one?


witch date is the scoot ??


can you post a foto ?

im sorry , we dont sell this part at the moment because its difficult to get it ...


the best way would be to ask here at the board for it, or on ebay or at a piaggio dealer