Small frame tyre manifold clearance

What is the minimum clearance I can get away with on my primmy with polini’d PK engine?

clearance that I am concerned about is the height of the tyre against the exhaust (Leo Vince performance) manifold.

Currently got 90x90x10inch tyres (dealer recommended and said they would fit) are these any taller than 3.00x10inch?



I ran a 3.50 x 10 tyre on a pk125 with a leovinci exhaust, my tyre rubbed on the exhaust and the starter motor.

The exhaust rub was cured by slotting the manifold holes, and rotating the exhaust away from the tyre. By doing this I gained about 10mm gap.

I never fixed the starter problem - chuck it in the bin, i suppose.


90/90x10’s will change your gearing,was it pulling strongly before as if it wasn’t it’ll highlight any problems/weakness’s.