Small frame primavera with 130 dr I need a exhaust for a left side glove box with no cutting

Could you help me please I want to buy a pipe from sip and want a real loud one that sounds like a chain saw with out cutting my left side glove box thanks Tracey from Canada  big hugs

Thanks so much,for the reply. I really need your help. Here is the situation. I have a 125 primavera with a DR kit. I all ready ordered a GF project racing pipe. Now I was told I need a min 24mm carb so I have to order one like the polini . Will the 24mm polini fit with out cutting or the 125 reed valve and what cylinder should I match it up with. thanks so much. When the funding arrives I will do the clutch and gears..

Hi dude




If you want a racer you should by another Cylinder than the 130 DR.

I recommend you the 130 Polini or 136 Malossi for the 1. tuning step.




The second tuning step could be a Falc or Quattrini cylinder.

It depends how much you want to spend ....




What are your plans regarding the intake system, clutch, transmission etc.. ????






Hello Tracey,

Here are some options for you: SIP EVO down&forward (ref 22012000), SIMONINI down&forward (ref 15400000), SERIE PRO "Zirri Silent Corsa" Replica (ref 40331000).