Slacking with my Order

Hi there,

I placed a order the 09-01-2007 and I did get
a „Thank you note“ by E-Mail however, my credit card haven’t yet been
charged and I haven’t received any information regarding the state of
my order so I’ve got no idea if it has been shipped or not. I tried
writing a few E-Mails regarding this but didn’t get an answer so I’d
like to get my order Canceled if didn’t get shipped already.

I’m running out of time, school starts in a few days and I ain’t got a
working scooter to transport me there. Lack of Support & Lack of
Order Tracking … it’s just not fair.

Give them a call on the phone. See if they have any status on the parts you ordered and see if they can just get it shipped out. They’re just really busy right now after all the holiday orders.