Size of this reed valve setup?

Hey chaps,
Take a look at this reed valve setup I bought a few weeks ago. Is it just me or does the inlet hole seem rather bloody small (even compared to a malossi) I was told that the nfk manifolds were pretty good but im not so sure about this one. It seems to only match the existing inlet port on my p200 cases. What could i do to improve this bloody thing (dremel??)


I think im gonna get one of those 28/30mm keihin copies.

I actually won a brand new malossi reed manifold and 30mm dellorto carb setup on ebay a couple of weeks ago for 75 euros, but it was in austria and by the time it would have got here it would have been about 110 euros in total, i figued that i had this nfk one coming so i didnt bother with it, do you think I should have still got the malossi one or is the nfk one better? Plus from what i can gather the dellorto carbs arent the best bet anyway. But I spose i coulda got the manifold and sold the carb, but oh well shit happens i guess.

Cheers mate

These lads usually have Norrie Kerr’s book in mate.

There made small so you can make your own inlet port. Its only small because you havn’t opened it up yet.;D

Hi Ultraphine,
I had one on a 210 back in the UK tuned by Norrie Kerr . I presume you know that this manifold uses Yamaha RD350LC reeds? They’re much bigger than Mallossi’s. DONT use the Yamaha rubber carb holder(?) I had loads of hassle with them splitting ,due to banging on the frame and eventually I seized my engine, although I was touching 90+ MPH down hill in Devon somewhere[I)] .Anyway get one of the alloy ones from SIP ( Arroy,Mak Mak, Khrap! ) I can’t remember what your question was if any, so speak to you later,


Does anybody here have a copy of norrie kerrs tuning book that they could scan for me maybe?? Cant seem to find it anywhere here in australia.



I’d gone from a standard P200e to a full 210. It was amazing. I think the Malossi is certainly more prone to leaking. But I think it does the job quite well. I had one on a Polini 177cc and that flew. I actually beat an RD350LC from the lights once, only once though, but definitely worth mentioning. I’m guessing but I think there are more reed options for the RD350 ones than Malossi’s. In fairness to N…Kerr / M.S.C. I’d only sent a stripped engine to him he did all the work and posted it back with a new 30mm and a Micron exhaust… Later, he said this was unusual as most costumers dropped off the whole scoot and if he’d known a bit more details he would have advised me to cut a hole in the chassis above the carb so it didn’t bang. rub and split, fall off etc. Cheers mate 3 x rubber manifolds and a new 210 top end ,later!

Oh,well! It was along time ago,and in the 80’s banks would hand you money far too easily and to be honest I don’t think I ever paid it back. Ha Ha ha.

Your „wish list“ sounds like mine! What size carb are you looking for?

Take it easy


So which way should i open it up?

There doesnt seem to be much room at the sides, should i lengthen it?

The malossi setup seems to have a much wider area to play with, this one seems quite limited imn where it can be opened up more.

I’ll try and post a pic tomorrow. pm your address and I’ll order the book for you and send it.

Yeah grimesy,
Ive got a set of reeds that came with it. Yeah the rubber mount does seem a bit dodgy, im gonna fab one up myself.

So whats the consensus with this reed setup grimesy? Are they any good? Ive heard good things about em (from here from memory) Now all i gotta do is get a keihin carb, a malossi kit, a cosa clutch and various other bits and pieces and im in business.

Oh yeah johnny, ive sent you an email with my address in it, let me know how much it costs to buy and send it etc, and ill punt you the equiv in aussie bux (should be easy enuff to change there, its a pain to buy currency here, would be more than the book costs almost)