Size isn't everything

Can anyone tell me the size differences between say a V90 or PK and a PX? I want to know the main differences in height and width


Any particular reason Savo??

I didn’t realise my PK was fugly till you mentioned it. Thanks a lot

Anyway, from the front it is all Vespa, its the side on that produces the fugly look. Only look at me head on!!


Sorry my mistake, I have just had a look and no size info is available.

You can find the sizes at Some of this section is translated - just select english and navigate through the model types - most seem to contain the dimensions in the description.

Small ones are more juicy - except in the case of the PK they are fugly! Now a V90 with a PK125ETS engine is an inetresting proposition - faster than a P125, better handling and better looking! =^) [:smokin:]

I think the info you r looking for is over at