Sito plus` performence

My scooter is a PX150E
By far it is all oringinal
But I want to make some improve of it
If I just want to change the exhaust to sito plus system
Dose any one can provide some experience of it
I want know how does it perform? comparied with the original exhaust system

I want know besides higher rpms
Is the lower power(rpms) also better the the original?
I need a little better acceleration
Thanks again!

Yes the sito plus has more power.
the only problem is that the Quality is lower as the original.
Sorry for the bad English , i`m German
Greetings from bavaria![:bounce:]

The quality is poor, I mean it won`t last long before you hear like stone in a metal box while riding.

you reach higher rpms, more-top speed about 5-8 km/h, no wonders, but compared to the price quite good.
if you want to have more power, then take a POLINI exhaust or if you want to have the best : SIP Performance

rgds, alex

merry x-mas!

The quality means ??
Does it broke easily? or rust easily?
And I am a Taiwanese
So my english is poor

Now I have change my mind!
Here is the target I want

  1. the top speed can reach 110~120km/h
  2. Good acceleration!
  3. I dont want to change too many spare parts My scooter is px150e and is all original now Who can provide me some good combination of tunig parts? p.s. I dont want to race , I need better daily driving and can last a long time!


happy new year!