Sito plus or standard

Thinking about getting rid of my s/s sterling pipe on my dr 180 as i leave for work very early and its a bit loud . So whats the best option standard or sito + ? cheers

hi, my opinion is:

sito plus, more power and good sound with low cost!

good plausure!


Heard that the sito plus pipes are pretty good for the money you pay for, relatively quiet but still give a bit more hp. Beware though also heard that the baffles don’t last as long though.

Hope that helps.

PX with 180 DR kit plus SitoPlus = 65mph but upjet your carb obviously or better still use a stock standard P2 carb.



The Sito+ is ok, but nothing more.

You will not get lots of power, but you will feel that it pulls better than the original.

But a problem with the Sito+ is the ground-clearance.. It tends to hit the ground in left-turns.

If you ride 2 on the scooter, you can hardly turn left without the exhaust hitting the ground...


But all in all; its a ok pipe.