Sip Vintage - GS parts

Grand Sport 150 - GS 150 - GS3. Names that sound like music in Vespa fans ears. The first sport model from Vespa is a favorite attractive Vespa edition. The feminine curves, the layout, the direct intake: all make your heart beat faster. Used vehicles as well as spare parts are hard to get and are pricey as well, so we decided to do something about it.

Together with a master of metal handcrafting technics, we've arranged new production in premium quality. These parts are manufactured using the original plans. A perfect fit, these parts come already primed and are not a bit less beautiful than the original parts.

The side fenders, both left and right (motor side) are a welcome replacement for those often banged up original parts. We've manufactured all 3 types of motor side fenders. To do it right.

Also back on the road: side fender luggage rack covers. Carefully crafted mud guards, cylinder covers and fan wheel covers are included in the renewed program.

For those who've taken on the job of removing old rust and glass splinters from their old tanks and sealed them anew, we've got tanks to make your heart sing. Why slave way for hours when you can replace the old tank with a new one for a moderate price?



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