SIP Vespa speedos arrived!


Hey: just half an hour ago the truck with our speedos has unloaded! We are checking the delivery and start shipping SIP speedos for backorder customers in the next hours!!




Looks really good Ralf!


But are there any news of a clamshell version??






well all in Greece know about it now... [;)]

I have received a SIP digital Speedo/tach with CHT guage that I ordered from an American retailer.


I look forward to installing it but have a question that I don't see answered in the PDF manual: Is there any way to program the odometer to begin at a certain value?  I have ridden about 7,000+ kms on my scoot since I bought it three years ago.  I would like to start counting from there rather than 0 km.  Is there any way to program it to do this?


Thanks and cheers,


'78 Super 150 (DR177 top end)

Hi Ralf,

               Do you have any of these to fit a classic Vespa (1983) PK 50? If so, how much.