SIP Vespa PX MY Speedo Rev Counter Fitting Installation

Apologies for the repost but I thought it would be a good idea to include more terms in the subject line so that search engines can give more results.

These are a few points on fitting the new SIP digital speedo to the Vespa PX millennium year scooter as the supplied instructions could be better

Steps 1,2 and 3 are pretty straightforward although this is for a specific model which has AC lighting so follow the instructions for AC

The new speedo was tricky to fix into the headset as the clips look lower down when compared to the original one or maybe it was the chrome rings bevel being higher, either way you'll need to press down quite hard to hear the audible click that tells you have got it home. When pressing do so from he edges or you risk damaging the speedo 'glass', test it's security by flipping over and try it push it out again.

The wires they used feed the small bulb in the headlamp unit which is fine but if you turn your lights off you turn the speedo off

The supplied crimps or binders are designed to join the wires from the headlamp to item 3, main wire. To ensure good metal to metal contact I stripped some insulation back from the wires, I used automatic strippers so that I wouldn't have to cut the headlamp wires. You could also do this job using conventional crimps. Line up the two black wires, use the blocked off channel for the supplied black wire and the other to the headlamp wire making sure the 'blade' in the binder is lined up over bare wire and close it firmly, repeat for the yellow or live wire but join the supplied red and brown wires first by twisting together (removal of outer insulation will be necessary. These are two wires are supplied for people wanting to fit this unit to a DC model 


Next up is fitting the control push button, item 5. You could just lead out of the headset to the right and stick it near the lighting control switches. I decided to utilise the electric start button. Undo the whole unit (two black screws) and it reveals a hole big enough to push one end of the push button wire through, lead it along past the throttle tube, pushing the existing wires to one side as you wriggle it through. Stick the button on to the handlebar and replace the start switch housing, you now have an unobtrusive button with no visible wires.

Ok it's now time to join it all together, I haven't attempted to join the temperature sensor, I'll wait until something else that requires removal of the fuel tank comes up.

Join item 3 to the power supply box (item 2) there is only one connector that will fit so its difficult to get wrong.

join the control button to the speedo, again there is only one connector that will fit. 

Secure any fixings and tools and test that the speedo works by starting the scooter, the speedo goes through a test sequence where everything lights up and the red analogue rev counter should move with rev movement 

There was no instruction to say where the power box goes so I stuffed it down as far is it would go into the cavity, arranged the wires so they wouldn't foul the headset top or bolts. Push down as if you we're closing an overpacked suitcase and attach each of the four headset bolts loosely, check to see if any wires are in the way and tighten up each bolt alternate sides to bring the top down uniformly

I think that's about it - good luck



Morning all

I have been trying for the past couple of (long) nights to get my SIP Speedo to work. I have a PX125EFL disc (non battery), with a T5 motor fitted.The intruction manual is vague at best

The speedo kit was supplied with the power box (do I need this??????) and the wiring has been routed through the frame as it is a bare frame rebuild.

The problem seems to be where to connect the red and brown wires that come out of the power box, I have tried the grey wire from the front brake switch, the red wire on the existing loom (main connector to old speedo),

Next was connected to the regulator, which gave me the following

Unit illuminated then goes out

Rev counter needle illuminates

Green indicator light illumiantes

Green and blue headlamp lights seem to work ok

No speedo functions, no rev counter

Any ideas would be welcome



Hi. Did you ever get this working? I have just installed this but I've no digital display. And the illumination goes out when the thing is started. I'm sure I followed the instructions to the letter but may have damaged the 4 core cable  bbetween the power box and speedo but it would be nice to know where to look.


Very good explanation for those who have sip speedo at home but a few pics would have been appreciated.. i am searching for posts of istallation before to buy one...[*-)]

Have you seen the how to guide on Chaney's World?