SIP Tubeless 2.50-10 offset to the left too far?

Hi all

I have a VBB with PK conversion fork, Scooter and Service hub, Pinasco axle seating/radial brake, and SIP tubeless 2.50-10 rim with a Heidenau K61 100/90-10.


Was expecting 4mm offset to the left (the same as the offset from the wide tyre conversion at the rear). I think I have more like 10mm offset - which seems way too much. There is 10mm clearance from the tyre to the fork. The disc rotor is only just clearing the swingarm, and sitting nicely centred in the caliper - so think the axel seating and hub are on correctly.


Is this amount of offest expected/correct with this rim? Thanks for any help you are able to provide.


The caliper on top of the wheel is set at 4mm to give an idea of how much more than 4mm the offset is currently.