Sip tech staff help please sip road exhaust px 150

Hi There

I have just purchased a SIP road exhaust for a PX 150 2011, can you please tell me what set up changes I need to make to the carb and ignition (and anything else) etc to make this run correctly?



i have a t5 classic with a /172 malossi  warp5 head/ standard carb/jl sip pipe/ what would the carb settings be for this set up


160 + BE3 + 100 (main jet)  and 48/160 or 50/160 (idle jet)

atomizer 160

calibrator BE3


The jetting will need only about 5-10 % more than original for the px....



The set up for the t5 will need about 15-20% more - question of sea level high????!!!







With the PX 150 it is mostly at sea level- do I only need to change the main jet??

I made a mistake: the main jet must be more than 100, at least 102, but first try with a 104-105