SiP Tech Advice Please Re: Pep 3.0 P200 vs. Sip T5 Pro P200

I am looking at buying one of these, can you give me some feedback as to build quality, performance etc , a comparison with a stock SitoPlus would be useful.

Thanks for that, so just to be 100% clear - the SiP T5 Pro is recommended over the Pep 3.0 yes ?

Hi dude


I can really recommend you this pipe.


It´cheaper that the SIP T5 and it´s more powerfull.

The Sito Plus is completly different: Cheaper quality and cheaper price. A little bit more performance than the original pipe, and that´s it.


Take the SIP Road !





This will be used with my ported Polini 208 longstroke , standard P2 Lusso gearing and a banded Cosa 23t clutch  - I use an upjetted Si24/24e carb  - I want 120/130kmh touring and good torque for the hills around here.

Hi dude


For my expirience definitly yes.

Please notice that the T5 is also a good exhaust, it depends about the results you want to get.


I guess that in your case the best chioce is the SIP Road and not the PEP ! ( Item code 2416500)




Hi dude


i guess it´s on stock in about 3 - 4 weeks and it´s like the PEP 3.0.


My engine is a 211 Malossi, longstrokecrank 30 Carb. at first i mounted a SIPT5 and it was ok. But i noticed that my engine wanted to breathe more, so i changed in a SIP Performance and i checked also with a SIP Road proto type, the results with the SIP Road was good in the mid - high refs. The SIPT5 more in the low and mid refs.



In your case the SIPT5 is a good choice because you´re using the 24 carb.

I´m curious what happen if you mount the SIP Road [:D]


The red and the chrome one are not the same like the sip road. The`re base on the P 150 original exhaust wich means that the collector and the korpus is lightly bigger and creates a bit of more tourqe.




2416500 not in stock at the moment, when is it due? Also no feedback anywhere, what sort of improvement can I expect ? More Revs ? More torque ? More speed ? Also noted there is a red and chrome version , do they work the same way and when are they due back in stock ? ?

Maybe you can update me on the above as I hadn't considered that particular pipe , and have no knowledge of it, I assume its similar to the PEP 2.0 maybe ?