SIP T5/Sito plus muffler stand spring clearance

I put a sip t5 muffler on my late model px 150 that has the dual spring centerstand setup.  The clearance is so small between the muffler and the undercarrage that I can only fit one of the smaller springs underneath(after moving the little "s" spring braket to the slot in the center).  It's not holding the stand up well enough.  The larger px spring won't fit.  What to do what to do?  Surely someone else has ran into this problem with the sito plus?

hi ....

i resolved the problem with 2 small springs, well maybe one spring touches the pipe but its no problem



I can't fit two small springs down there, unless perhaps I cut a new opening on the underside to mount another spring?  Did you do that?

hmmmm ...


sounds strange ...

try the 1603530 spring 2 times

and connect them with the holes in your body and the holes from your stand


hope this was helpfull