SIP T5 exhaust onto a P2?


I have a SIP T5 pipe and want to fit it to a P2 Malossi, Is it as simple as just changing the stub/flange? or do i need a complete new pipie??

Mmm the flanges look different, not sure how your gonna fit it unless you cut the out T5 exhaust flange and re-weld a new one on. But mm I’m not sure if the cone dimensions well be correct for the P2, because the T5 pipe would be made with the T5 specs in mind (stroke, cylinder bore, etc etc), not for P2 specs.


I hoped the pipes were the same and was led to belive that most exhausts were the same for 125's & 200's, i know thats not ideal but one of my lammy exhausts says 125/200 on it