SIP styled cut panels?

HI ya all.
I’m considering cutting down my ol’ PX150e, nothing too drastic, just a short back and sides.My question is , will the front indicator pegs(the electrical contacts!) and the spring mechanisims be enough to hold them both on? My panels are internal locking.
Any replys ,welcome
Cheers Grimesy.

Thanks for your advice. After writing I had a look at "The Scooters " on this site, ie Ralf’s cut down, and there are holes for the rear panel pins shown. So, I guess I’ll follow them.
Once again, thanks.

Hi Grimesy, I don`t think just the springs will be safe enough to hold your panels on. What we used to do when I first started was to drill a 6mm hole in the flange on the panel near the point you want to cut (before you cut the stock panel). Then with the panel on the frame mark where the hole will go through the frame & drill it. Then you can either make a copy of the pin at the rear of the stock panel (or cut it off & move it up) or just use a bolt with a wing nut on the inside.

you most definately need a rear bent locating pin like on a standard panel or you’ll end up skipping through traffic trying to pick it up off the road and it shags yer paintwork(and tins of matt black aint as cheap as they were)

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