SIP strengthened front spring

Just fitted a SIP strengthened spring together with standard front shock to my 1967 Sprint, what a difference it has made!

Handles much better round corners and dives much, much less under hard braking, I’m loving it!

Going to fit a Sebac rear shock next, or would a Bitubo be better?


Good tip about the LML rear Billy, I’ll have to check that out. I’ll keep an eye out about the suspect front as you describe. I fitted a Sebac front and not a pattern, so maybe that will be better.



I put the same spring on and was great till the damper started to need regular replacing and I’m talking weeks not months. Maybe I just had bad shocks, though I did try 2 different makes(pattern and Sebac). Ended up using PK XL forks and it’s luvverly plus you can lock it up.
Maybe it has something to do with the spring putting extra load on the damper, but they soon started bottoming out. Listen out for the huge f*cking CLANG it makes each time you apply the front brake. Hopefully tho it won’t happen to you.

I used a Sebac too and found it way too soft for 2 up, my Simonini kept dissappearing inside the side panel, I was gonna get a Bitubo, look smart and work smashing but was advised not to bother and use an LML rear shock instead as they’re strenthened for those dodgy Indian roads. Did it, works nice and saved £80, pretty dull to look at though.

Hope this helps…