Sip stainless exaust for a 172 kitted t5 are they any good

Ive got a t5 classic with a 172 kit on and need a performance exaust i like the look of the sip stainless but alot of scooterists say they are no good i should go for a pm or taffspeed .
im looking for alround performance with a good top speed also i have not put the 21 cosa gear in yet which is suposed to give more range but will the acceleration suffer ??
if you could give me an idea on the performance i should expect i would be grateful thanks

t5 sean did you have the high turque one or the high reving one

[had this exhaust on my t5 for a year now great exhaust ifound pm grounded when going on rallys taffspeed is probably on par with sip but ive got wide wheel kit on taffspeed wont fit performance is into mid eightys but you dont say what carb set up is. most exhausts lose bottom end power taffspeed is worst you must fit 21cog clutch to get decent power ive had all these exhausts sip one came out top through out power range but the chioce is up to you all the best sean


please tell me which kit do you have, if you have race crankshaft,
which carb are you using, ignition, and I will tell you the one I prefer to use.
And as far as concern SIP exhaust the one that are saying that is not good are people that generally have one scooter with a certain kit and set up. How can you be objective if you have only one experience?
Some exhaust are not so good with mild tuning or engine that don’t rev high and are extremely good with engines that works differently.
It doesn’t exist the best exhaust, existe the more appropriate to your engine and the one that you prefer.


im running standard engine carb jetted at 132 with a simonini on im looking for alround performance and reliability i need a pipe thats going to give me grunt down low with a resonable top end and its doing about 75 obviously the simonini loses out further up the range but is quite toquey low down thanks for your replies i apreciate it!!![;)] [:look:]

curare me old friend i will look through my scoot mags for ya but dont think it is on the for the pinasco,i did a straight swop for an old p2 motor(rally type) lucky catch or what? but doin another full restoration on another mk1 t5(sure ya no me im an 80s man) to add to my other 3. but while im at it, does any one know where the hell i can get a standard t5 top end from??this resto job has to be rite so dont want the hassle of kits and exhaust (well maybe a kegra as posted before).did someone post here not long ago that t5 top ends where going to be manufactured again?any one heard of this

hello stubbsy

you said scootering chamber test. It is on the net somewhere?
I would like to see some report on exhausts.
With a coupple of friend we bought a dyno and we are testing like crazy exhausts, carbs, cranckshafts. It is a lot of fun.
Which article is the exhaust you bought?
A friend of mine need a good but not expensive one, maybe he can buy one and we could test it here [:D]
are you using it with your pinasco kit? How do you compare with the previous exhaust you had? It was a Scorpion?
I never tried one of this .


…Stubbsy just red your answer to waynie.
So you had a Scorpion with P200 no with Pinasco 177.


just to update. I have now on my hand SIP performance, SIP Evo, JL left, they are the same, just SIP performance is made out all from stainless steel.
I don’t understand why all these different names. Should be some marketing.
Just to be sure I will try them on dyno to see if there are slight differences even though the shapes are the same. maybe few cm but by the eye they are the same.



this is the same story over and over again.
In a vespa engine we have available only 4 gear. We have to keep this is a base that we cannot change.
When we built an engine that works well mainly in high rpm problems begin.
In a classic motorbike engine we will have 6 gear available so we will have a shorter first gears and longer last gears so the engine can se the ratio where it pulls better.
In a vespa engine there is nothing else to do that building short 4th if not when we change from 3 to 4 the engine will get lost in the rpm where is not powerful enogh.
But when we have short 4th to go fast the engine rev high, it means high vibration and so we can forget driving confort when wanting just to cruise and not adrenalin boost.
For this reason for polivalent use for a vespa engine a prefer engines that develop good power and torque at medium rpm and longer gear and carb not bigger then 30.
For racing I prefer the opposite. When I use my racing engine for city use I tell you it is a very bad engine.
Of all the expansions I have tried the PM has the best medium range power but not the highest top power. It is the easiest to drive. Second one is the new JL, less medium power then PM but better top. Then SIP performance similar to JL less in the medium then JL but still better top, we start needing shorter 4th and need engines that like high rev. Then we have RZ one right hand and RZ 2000 are similar to SIP but with 10% more top power and better all around capability but still need high rev target.
At the top of the ultimate power I put the Taffspeed. Low and medium low rpm similar to SIP and RZ (less then JL and of course PM) but worse at medium and medium high but after medium high you get even more power then RZ but less torque.
This is a broad panoramic view since what happen if you put an exhaust that is weak in the range where your engine is weak and with gear not short enough?
It will get lost in that rpm and would not be able to climb higher.
Then it will be no good. And How your engine gives its power depends from the kit you are using the level of tuning, carb and gearing.

For all this reasons there is not the best exhaust but the exhaust that will suit your set up the best.



in your place I would change the carb for a 26 and keep the Simonini.
It will be cheaper and you will have more of what you are looking for.
Then in the future if changing exhaust sindrome still there I will go PM.



Stubbsy T5 top ends can you tell in a different way I don’t know this term in english. Maybe I can get one, who knows!

and have a nice week-end.
Now have to go on a trip. I am already late!

cheers curare look forward to those results
0n page 6 0f the tunning exausts there are a few sip pipes for the t5 i noticed there are two together for £160 the only difference is that one has got NT** before sip any ideas???

hey curare me friend, did you digest scootering (exhaust chamber test)from a month or 2 ago?? only jokin:p ill tell ya this but ,youve prob heard me bang on about this scoot rs pipe but real value for money( pity they dont do one for the t5) would love one for me other little lady, ehmm, maybe worth while gettin one, a mate converted a chrome simmo for a baja and it went like blue stink! (same sort of exhaust port)


Subbsy thank you for your interest in finding the magazine but don’t boder too much it is ok I think I am going to get the same result in my dyno.
It was just for curiosity.

Please tell me the art. number of the Scooters exhaust you have bought that you like, a friend of mine could be interested, and I will have a chance to test it!


sorry curare, barrel and piston[:O]

I tried the stainless SIP/lomas pipe on my T5 with malossi and it was shite!wouldn’t pull fourth gear,fine in third but didn’t pull,almost like it was blocked(it wasn’t, I checked!) I origanly had a kegra welded badly and rusty, put it back and ran fine,bought a Taffspeed in the end and it runs fine,but like curare say’s all pipes are diffrent and also how you ride[:D]

ps im hearing really good reports about the 26m carbs unfortunately they are sparco and not dellorto ! but any way on the t5 they r supposed to be the dogs balls[:dance1:]